Saturday, 31 May 2008


Air is a one of a kind (At least it was... but still is in the UK), I've never seen anything like it anywhere else (Yet... I plan on visiting the American Theme Parks again soon) . If you've never been on it you must go and do it now...

...right are you back? Did you love it?

For those that didn't just dash out of the office to ride air I'll explain why it's so awesome. It's not high, nor does it have huge g-force loops. It's the unique way you ride on it.

You get on like a standard underslung roller coaster, then pull a rather large shoulder restraint over that holds you tightly into the chair, your legs go into two slots which then close like a set of cuffs, then the whole chair pivots backwards 90 deg so you're now facing the ground :-)

Naturally in this position you feel a little like superman... unsurprisingly every photo that is taken by the ride has people doing the classic arm out superman pose. I wonder if the ride operators get fed up with it?

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