Sunday, 7 June 2009

What's In Your Left Pocket?

Question for the men really... as I know women don't ever use the pockets on trousers, most of the time because they're figure hugging, so it'd spoil the effect, but even sometimes because (This is pure madness) the pocket is fake, just a sown on bit of fabric on the outside of the trousers.

Anyways I digress... every man I know keeps his mobile in his left pocket, ready in a moments notice to make/take that important call/txt. I'd imagine that of the few that don't (I imagine them to be left handed) it's because their wallet is in the left, and phone in the right.

My question is though... what did you have in that pocket before the invention of the mobile (Or indeed purchase if you're too young to remember that dark age before mobiles)? I honestly can't remember, which is worrisome as it can only be 14 years ago... less than half my life ago that I got my first ever mobile. I must not remember, because it was indeed... nothing... nothing but my left hand when it was cold?

Edit: Thanks to my friend Matt for reminding me to post about this.


John (AKA Mum) said...

In the old old days... your pocket would have had toys, dust and may be transformers or a power ranger... for us old people if poor like me car keys, money (before getting married) and a tissue... Don't tell my mum but a packet of fags! now rich people had wads of cash (e.g. loads of money) a filofax in one hand and a brick as the greatest small phone in its second generation take a look and you needed big pockets!

Now the question of why girls don't have pockets you can use is simple!!! they have men to get it all for them!

Roamingjay said...

You know you're probably right... that and penny sweets (When they were actually a penny).

LOL that is true... tho if girls tried to put everything they had in their handbags in their pockets they wouldn't be able to put on a seatbelt.