Friday, 12 June 2009

Jerked All Over Nomi

Beef Jerky is the staple diet of the festival. Nomi doesn't know her own strength and ripped it open with such force it flew all over her!


John (AKA mum) said...

Well you should never just read the head line!!!!! when I open the page it just read "Jerked All Over Nomi" well I am taken back for a second, first thought she must love ya a lot... second thought don't leave the light on in the tent unless you want appluse? And you really should not tell your mum things like this she will not understand!

Then I read the text oh, oh I got it wrong... how bad is my mind!!!! Beef Jerky... hue please no body can read mine mind, dam I writing it right now!

Well Jamie I think my version was more fun, try it some time and if you are ever out of work go for a job with the Sun or Sport you sell millions!

One last question is the Volvo S60 coming with a pipe rest as you are getting old now!

Enjoy the rest of Download.

Roamingjay said...

You have a filthy mind John :-)

Will try and write more suggestive titles in the future... that way I'll get more hits :-)

No that was only on the deluxe model, tho it did come with a flat cap with volvo embroidered on it :-)