Saturday, 27 September 2008


I'm trying to grow my hair long at the moment... It's never been this long before, and as a result I'm learning new things. For a start my hair is curly. Which means at this length I look like Mr Frodo :-( Also that because I suffer with eczema I need to use conditioner to stop it looking greasy. So now I take 2 bottles into the shower :) finally I've discovered moulting... I leave hair everywhere! My desk looks like cousin It works there.

Most annoyingly is finding my hair in food... I wonder how much hair we accidentally eat in our lifetime?


Mini Nomi said...

But I liiiike that you look like Mr Frodo :(

It'll all be worth it in the end and I promise you'll get used to the two bottles and the moulting!


Anonymous said...

shes changing you then

Roamingjay said...

Always wanted long hair... just no one agreed that I might look good :-)

Mini Nomi said...

Why would I try to change that which is perfect? Jamie wanted to grow his hair and I was of the impression that it could look really good, I try to encourage meerly because I know from my own experience how frustrating it is when hair is at that far too lengthly "in-between" stage when all it does is frustrate you. There were so many times when I was on the verge of lopping it all off again but in retrospect I could not be more relieved that I stuck with it and ploughed through the pain! However, if that is not the case with Jamie then I will have no problem whatsoever with him cutting it off. It's his hair, he should have it however he is comfortable just as he should wear whatever he likes and have whatever hobbies and interests he likes too. Believe it or not, I actually love Jamie for exactly who he is and have no desire to change him.