Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Saw my first Gwiz on my way into London... the picture doesn't do it justice... it is truly tiny!

Thery're a good concept, especially for London, given the premium on parking spaces; like their distant petrol cousins the smart cars they can park in inconceivably small spaces.

Only problem is they're Electric, and electric cars require charging which takes all night for not a lot of mileage.

However that's about to change with new technologies in Li-Po batteries allowing them to charge at speeds of x500. To put that in real terms a mobile phone battery (Roughly 1000 mAh) will charge from flat in 7.2 seconds. However this comes at a price... current loading... taking the same example the phone will draw 500 A whilst it's charging from the mains socket, nearly 17x more than your average house can output before blowing a fuse (Average ring main is 30A, average house total is 100A).

Suffice to say it's impossible to charge something like that from a regular house. However that's not the point, the point is to have a power cable at a garage that can hack a huge current so you can charge an electric car in several minutes, rather than several hours.

I'd love to see the cable that could handle that... It'd have to be a solid copper wire as thick as your arm!

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