Saturday, 4 July 2009

Cosplay Birthday

Louises big idea for her birthday this year was for everyone to go dressed as something beginning with "L" now that doesn't leave a lot of things to Cosplay as. But we were pretty imaginative.

Paul went as a Lemon...

...He actually hired this costume... why on earth any costume company would have one I just don't know. I think he asked them as a joke, and when they produced it was too embarrassed to say nah I'll try something else.

I went as a Lemming... nice and easy I thought... green wig and blue t-shirt :-) Louise went as Princess Leia from Star Wars

Nomi's costume was truly inspired tho... I jokingly said how about Leeloo from the Fifth Element... expecting her to say "that's a little risque isn't it?" Except she ran with it... the swift purchase of white bondage tape from an online shop and her costume was born (Well after an hour of me wrapping her in it). And here she is looking totally fantastic:

And a still from the film to compare it with:

Perfect... If a little chilly :-)


Angel said...

Hi, I have a anime/cosplay website & I would like to invite your friend to enter the Miss Anime cosplay contest at this website.
thank you,

Roamingjay said...

Yeah sure... I've let my girlfriend know and she'll be in touch :-)