Sunday, 10 August 2008

Birthday Drinks

Early start for the festivities

Little too early for some :-)

But we're all up for a rockin time

First drinks were at the Queen Mary... I always start here on my birthdays

Nomi showing off a lovely pair of lungs:

Top floor of the Punch and Judy, we spent most of the time on the balcony (Despite the rain) watching the street performer "King Pop"

Then we went off for food at the Texas Embassy... mmm steak!

Next on the agenda was Garlic and Shot's, it's a really cool Gothic pub that serves a variety of shot ranging from crazy to painful.

We finished the night off in an Eerie pub called Ben Crouches Tavern... Lou couldn't get enough of her 7 deadly sins cocktails:

Not drinking Ribena... it's Wrath!

Louise showing off her jugs:

Down in one... down in one!

And the slow crawl home on the train for the weary:

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