Saturday, 12 July 2008

Turns out it was all night

Well that was comfortable... Had to sleep on the ultra hard foam mattress all night. Nomi took to curlin up on the end like a cat... Thank god she's small and bendy :-) was wired up to all manner of machinery as well... Looked like I was plugged into the matrix!

Nomi's been a real rock for me, keeping my spirits up whilst I've been here tied to a table. I took my DS with me to kill time, but we just ended up talking all night. She even fed me some jerky and crisps. I couldn't think of a better nurse to be honest :-)


John (AKA Mum) said...

Not much luck with the car mate! I think they need to give you the money and you can get one that works... Sorry you are having a bad time... I am sure this is not the first time you have been tide down to a bed with Nomi all night long!

Roamingjay said...

Got it quoted and all that now... can't afford to replace it to be honest (Never get anything as nice). Fingers crossed it'll all be sorted soon. Just wish it was that easy to get me fixed.

LOL Trust me hospital beds are not comfy, tho didn't stop me trying ;-)

Mini Nomi said...

... and you think he's joking John but he isn't ;)

To be honest I really don't think "neck-brace" sex would really be my bag but I suppose you never know until you try!

I hope the insurance company has stopped being an utter arse and agreed to talk sensibly now?